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Power Distribution MV & LV
Power Transmission MV & HV
Calculations, Drawings, Layouts, Plans Development
Automation, Controls, Instrumentation, and Protective
Relay Design and Systems Integration
Power Instrumentation, Energy Monitoring and
Revenue Metering
Grounding and Lighting Systems,
Special Systems (Fire Alarm, TELCO, CTV, CCTV,
Industrial, Commercial, and Residencial Electrical Work
Substantiation Equipment, Transformer, Switchgear,
overhead and underground distributiion lines
Electromechanical commercial and industrial equipment
erection and commissioning
Heat exchangers, Pipe fitting, centrifuges, chillers,
pump stations, boilers, compressors, condensers,
cooling towers
Electrical Engineering
Energy Management & Power Quality
Energy Market
Licensing & Concession por Power Generation
Technical Expert Services
Quality Assurance
Risk Analysis
Budget Management
General Project Support
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